Planning and designing a deployment

XSYS Network offers a full range of Data Center and Cloud services, from pre-sales support where we share our experience gained in real world deployments, to solution planning and design, construction, technology distribution, engineering, and installation.

We are prepared to support Clients on chosen data center deployment activities, or to deliver turnkey solutions. Our Data Center professional teams are solution architects, technical consultants and delivery managers – are ready to provision the following activities:

  • Network infrastructure LAN (typically Cisco Nexus)
  • Network infrastructure SAN
  • Security
  • Load balancing
  • Servers
  • Data storage
  • Operating systems
  • Applications and tools for managing and monitoring Data Centers

Once the project is completed, we provide ongoing business continuity and resiliency services to keep your facilities and server environments running at optimal levels. We also offer post-sales consultancy to help you upgrade or optimize your infrastructure.


“In a diverse world that requires seamless solutions, XSYS Network strives to introduce simplicity and unrivalled integration of processes and procedures, becoming the one stop shop for our Client’s business needs and unifying the sourcing of a broad portfolio of activities under the single umbrella of well-known, consistent, and high-quality ICT services”.