Data Center and Infrastructure Assessment

XSYS Network Data Center and Infrastructure Assessment is a vendor-independent survey of the physical facility and operating practices of a current or planned data center. This assessment gives Clients a detailed view of their data center, identifies areas for improvement, and makes recommendations to help meet their business and IT objectives. As a part of this service we typically review the physical facilities, power, cooling, security, processes, and procedures. Our experts spend time at the Client’s site, interviewing business and IT stakeholders to understand their objectives, and analyzing the current condition of their data center to identify any gaps. At the end of the assessment we provide a report based on our technology expert’s findings that details the current state of the existing or potential data center, and provides recommendations on how to align your data center with your stated business and IT objectives. A detailed examination of the physical data center covers:

  • The site itself—its location and any related risks or vulnerability
  • Construction of the building
  • Security arrangements for site access
  • Power—infrastructure, redundancy and resilience
  • Mechanical, electrical, and cooling capacity and effectiveness, including scope for future growth
  • Computer rooms—including environment, size, and layout
  • Computer hardware—high level observation of computer technologies and racks
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