XSYS Network secures highly efficient post-implementation care for ICT assets available globally within the Global Maintenance Solution (GMS).

Based on Client requirements, XSYS Network can manage the whole maintenance process, including:

  • On-site support and troubleshooting, including in-house data center engineers
  • Hardware replacements
  • Remote support and remote monitoring
  • Logistics, reverse logistics, and local spare parts warehousing
  • Spare parts supply chain management
  • Communication with end customers on behalf of client
  • 24×7 multi-language NOC and 24×7 multi-language Help Desk
  • Interaction with technology vendor and ISP
  • Environmentally-friendly device disposals

The key benefits of XSYS Network’s Global Maintenance Solution:

  • A single global contract covering all OEM equipment and on-site requirements in more than 160 world countries
  • Co-terminus additions and deletions of contracts
  • Flexible payment options, including monthly and quarterly billing
  • Improved SLAs compared to legacy OEM-based support, including standard as well as remote and hard to access locations (up to 24x7x2 and 24x7x4 advance replacement in most locations)
  • Hybrid solutions integrating OEM-based services and 3rd party solutions
  • Excellent flexibility and efficiency, and improved performance compared to plain OEM service
  • Multi-vendor, multi-technology solutions tightly integrated with XSYS Network’s complex global ICT services

XSYS Network Global Maintenance Solution includes:

  • Hardware replacement solutions
  • On-site support
  • Technical support (L1, L2, and L3)
  • Time and material (T&M) services
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Spare parts management
  • Asset management (XSYS Network Pro-Track)
  • XSYS Network Analytics and Reporting


 “Our ultimate goal is to provide everything our Clients need for successful deployment of global networking solutions. Through our expertise in the field of technical and local environment knowledge, we are able to deliver, deploy, and maintain ICT solutions worldwide, cost effectively, and in the shortest lead times”.