XSYS Network is a worldwide distributor of network equipment and accessories. Through our extensive Global Delivery Platform (GDP) Ecosystem and OEM certifications, we offer a full line of most network equipment vendors, cost effectively and globally, in the shortest lead times. As a part of our complex ICT services, we are ready to ship, install, and maintain products as per your requirements.

Key features and business benefits:

One point of contact

XSYS Network works as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for our Clients, ensuring they will have a stable, reliable, and agile partner they can rely on to provide global equipment supply.

Global coverage

Our global footprint spans seven continents and 160+ countries.

Simplified delivery model

Today, shipping is an integral part of equipment distribution, and together with customs clearance procedures, this might be both time consuming and costly without proper knowledge and experience. As a part of our hardware distribution we offer a door to door DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) delivery model in order to ensure a turnkey transport solution and minimize the risks and costs for the Client.

Short delivery times

Through XSYS Network’s GDP (Global Delivery Platform) Ecosystem, including regional and local technology distributors and vendors, we are able to deploy hardware to sites in the shortest delivery times. Our expertise in local market knowledge, global logistics, and experience with specific local requirements and standards ensure we will always find the best possible deployment solution.


We identify and compare local sourcing possibilities in addition to sourcing from central locations in order to find the best solution. Using local sourcing we can cut down delivery, logistics, and customs costs; in some cases, shipping from outside regions may be the better option. We will always propose and consult with our Clients’ teams to find the right solution.

Integrated solutions

Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships rather than perform a sell-and-go operation, so the point at which you buy hardware is where a tight and true partnership begins. XSYS Network can function as your equipment supplier, warehouse, and shipping department, with:

  • Pre-staging and in-house configuration services
  • Initial equipment testing and burn-in
  • First class logistics services and customs clearance support

Our ultimate goal is to provide everything our Clients need for successful deployment of global networking solutions. Through our expertise in the field of technical and local environment knowledge, we are able to deliver, deploy, and maintain ICT solutions worldwide, cost effectively, and in the shortest lead times.